We were delighted to be able to welcome our new students to Summer School this year, which ran from 26th-30th July.  Our usual offer for transition had been scuppered, due to the restrictions that we needed to put in place to keep everyone safe.  118 out of our 135 new year 7 students attended for some or all of the week, and we made some fantastic memories!

Students were put into their Tutor groups, and Tutors joined them for all their activities during the week.  Students had an opportunity to get to know each other, and made some good friends.  Each day, students were involved in one of 5 activities, as well as a Tour of the academy.  The majority of our staff volunteered to be part of the week, so students got to know not only the layout of the academy, but started forming positive relationships with the staff too.  The activities were focused around Science, RE, Food technology, Design Technology and Sport, although all activities brought together elements of literacy and numeracy as well.

We were fortunate to be able to deliver this Summer School, thanks to the grant made available to us by the Department for Education, to the tune of £31,581.30.  Of this amount, we spent £16,918.28 on staffing costs, £719.56 on resources and £13,943.46 on operations, including cleaning, premises and PPE.

The impact of this valuable time is clearly demonstrable through the confident way that our new intake has quickly become part of academy life.  We are so pleased to have been given this opportunity to settle the students who have had a very unsettled time.