Our Equality Objectives are: 

  • To improve the progress and attainment of those students who identify as boys. 
  • To reduce the number of exclusions and consequences issued for those students within protected characteristic groups. 
  • To promote mental health and wellbeing in children with protected characteristics. 
  • To narrow the gap in attendance for pupils with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act, by fostering good relationships with parents and carers and seeking to understand the barriers to good attendance. 
  • To ensure that the staff and Local Academy Committee are aware of current legislation surrounding Equality, Diversity and Disability and their responsibilities. 
  • To foster good relations between different groups through the use of assemblies, Religious Studies and the PHSE programme, including Student Development Days. 
  •  To challenge stereotypes that can deny opportunities to students through option and careers guidance. 
  • To promote equality, diversity and inclusion actions across our staff body. 
  • To eradicate the use of homophobic, sexist, racist and other discriminative language by students in the school. 
  • To celebrate diversity 

We hope that by fully embracing these objectives our whole academy, students, staff, families and community stakeholders will work, jointly, to eliminate discrimination and improve the equality of provision for all students.

We will consult with all members of the wider academy community to ensure that we are meeting these objectives.