Iceni Today

Today the students at Iceni Academy are more successful then ever before in our history.  As the exams have got tougher with the new specifications our students have adapted and remained committed to excellence.

The achievement of our students is now amongst the best in Norfolk and they are truly young men and women to be proud of.

Our success goes far beyond exam results.  We want our students to leave us not only academically prepared for the next stage of their lives but also emotionally equipped for the challenges ahead.

We want our students to be ready to play a key role in our community.

We serve a wide catchment and in the past this area has led to some challenges.  Because of recent developments, such as the dualling of the A11,  our geography is now in our favour and we are well placed to capitalise on our proximity to Cambridge (for the Science developments) and Norwich (for the Technology and Food research opportunities).

A Brief History

The school was first formed as Hockwold and Methwold Community School in September 2011 from the merger of Hockwold Primary School and Methwold High School.

The school became an Academy in 2013 and was renamed Iceni Academy.  It continues to operate on two sites (Secondary in Methwold and Primary in Hockwold).

The current building was opened in 1957 with an official opening in 1958.  It has evolved since then but at it’s core still has the same solid roots.

If you have any information to share do please get in touch.

Did you attend Iceni Academy (or Methwold High School) as a student? We would love to hear from you if you did and for you to join the Old Icenians!

In the future we would like to use Alumni in a number of ways to support students in achieving the very best they can.  It could be, for example, that Alumni working in certain professions could come and talk to students in assembly or perhaps come and reflect on their experiences in school.

We might also send the occasional message about what is going on at Iceni Academy and any Alumni related events.