We care passionately for our staff, and place people development at the heart of our offer to them. From an in-house coaching programme for teaching staff and research-led project groups for all, and from a well-stocked CPD library to access a wealth of opportunities afforded by the ATT Institute, we are committed to supporting all colleagues develop to be the best that they can be. We work closely with the Trust and colleagues at other ATT academies to share shining examples of best practice in all of our teams.

On this page, you will find more information about our people development offer.

People Development Bulletin

Each month, we publish a people development bulletin for all colleagues. This features top tips, quick reads, Twitter recommendations, podcasts and more. You can read this bulletin by following the links below:

Issue 1 – July 2021

Issue 2 – September 2021

Issue 3 – November 2021

Issue 4 – November 2021

Iceni Principles of Instruction

Our people development offer for teachers is currently built on the foundations of the Iceni Principles of Instruction, based on the extensive research and evidence of Rosenshine. This underpins our work, supplemented by a range of research and pedagogy from sector-leading writers, thinkers and organisations in order to ensure the curriculum we deliver to our students is research-informed and robust.

Iceni Principles Of Instruction