All colleagues will respond to you as quickly as possible.  Do please keep in mind they will have a number of existing commitments such as teaching and existing meetings which may unfortunately delay their response to you.

Full nameEmail addressJob role
Mr Steve Manager
Mr N of Faculty for Humanities
Miss A of Computing / CCF Contingent Commander
Mr A of MFL
Mr J of Geography
Mrs R of PE
Mrs C
Miss M Support Officer
Mr K of English
Mr J of Year 8/ Teacher of Maths
Mr D Principal / Safeguarding Lead
Mr A Principal
Mr S Staff Instructor
Miss H - Second in Department
Mrs T Assistant
Mrs J
Mrs J of Creative Arts
Miss M of Year 7/ Teacher of English
Ms S Supervisor
Mrs S Officer
Mrs T Support Officer
Mr L of Year 10/ Teacher of Science
Mrs L / MSA
Miss Z of Technology
Mrs C Manager
Mr D / Site Supervisor
Mr M Technician
Miss L of English
Mrs D Manager/LSA
Mrs J
Mrs J
Miss A Second in Department
Mrs T Administrator
Mrs L
Ms L of English
Mrs L
Mrs K of PE
Ms C of Maths
Miss E of Humanities
Mr D of Geography
Mr J of Year 9/ Teacher of Science
Mrs C MaldonHousekeeper
Mrs A
Mrs A
Mr J of Maths
Miss E Technician apprentice
Mr J Technician
Mrs J – Humanities
Miss C of Faculty for MFL
Miss E Technology technician
Mr N Supervisor
Mrs J
Ms K Administrator
Miss R of Humanities and RE / Citizenship
Miss L to the Senior Leadership Team
Ms F and Office Manager
Mr S Games Organiser
Mr K Technician
Mrs J SnareMinibus driver
Mr N of Science
Mrs L / Midday Supervisor
Mr J of PE
Mr T Supervisor
Ms K Manager (Maternity Cover)
Miss A Principal & Acting Director of Faculty for Communications
Mrs K
Mr L of PE
Mrs J Room Manager
Mrs L Officer
Mr L of Science
Ms H of Technology
Miss M of French
Mr A
Miss S Principal
Mrs S Achievement Manager
Miss G of Geography and Humanities
Mr A Support Officer
Mrs L Minibus driver
Miss K of Faculty for Science
Mrs S