We have extremely high expectations of all students at Iceni Academy, at all times, and in all places around our Academy. We expect our students to turn up with the right equipment so that they are prepared to learn, and with the right attitude, so that they are ready to learn. We encourage all of our students to be resilient learners, taking chances where possible, but also understanding that failing is a part of learning to succeed.

Students’ lesson time is valuable and should not be wasted. To that end, we operate a ‘1 warning’ system, whereby students are only allowed 1 warning before then receiving a sanction if they continue to display a poor attitude to their learning (this usually takes the form of a lunchtime detention, issued on that day, or the following day). Continued disruption is very rare in Iceni Academy, but if students choose to do so, they will be removed from the lesson so that the rest of the class may continue learning. More details of these processes are outlined in the Policies page (Behaviour for Learning Strategy)


We believe that it is important to reward our students when they are meeting and exceeding our expectations. Students can earn positive points on Go4Schools for a variety of reasons, e.g. displaying the correct attitude to learning, excelling in a particular task, helping other students with their learning. These points can be tracked online by parents (and students!) and form the basis of our rewards system.

Students have given us extensive feedback on what rewards will motivate them and this has helped us form our rewards strategy for 2019-2020.