Food at Iceni Academy

Food at Iceni Academy is provided by Chartwells.

For more than a quarter of a century Chartwells has focused on helping young people build strong bodies, sharp minds and to lead long, healthy lives.  To Eat, Learn and Live.

The menu


To check if your child is eligible for Free school meals, please visit the Norfolk County Council website: Click here

More about Chartwells (part of Compass Group):

Hello. We’re Compass Group UK & Ireland.


We’re 60,000 talented people bringing you all of the great tasting food, memorable experiences and vital support services that can transform every day into a great day. All of the little things that make the world of difference and boost the wellbeing of millions. From outstanding restaurant experiences, enhancing sporting events and feeding thousands of school children, patients, workers and military personnel, to delivering warm welcomes, clean buildings and safe environments. We’re here to inspire, protect, nourish and energise. To brighten your day.


You can read more on their website.