At Iceni Academy you are expected to wear Academy uniform.

We believe that uniform fosters a sense of unity, pride and identity with the Academy, whilst also avoiding discrimination, inspiring positive behaviour for learning and setting a high standard. Smart students will enhance the reputation of the Academy within the local community.

A blazer, shirt (tucked in at the waist) and tie must be worn in the Academy at all times.

You must ask permission to remove your blazer in a lesson but must put them back on before leaving the classroom. Plain black V necked jumpers/cardigans can be worn under the blazer during the winter months.

Skirts must be black and knee length (split skirts are not permitted). Trousers must be ankle length and without adornments. Skin-tight trousers (between the knee and ankle), jeans and leggings are not permitted. Trousers will be considered skin-tight if it is not possible to pinch an inch of the material midway between the ankle and knee without pinching the skin (this includes stretchy trousers which have to be prised away from the leg before the material can be pinched).

Appropriate skirts and trousers can be purchased from our online uniform shop Birds of Dereham (www.yourschoolwear.co.uk), or in person at their store.

If you choose to purchase your own skirts and trousers from a different supplier, they must be similar in style to the ones we sell. Trousers and skirts which are too short or too tight fitting will not be allowed.

Birds of Dereham supplies two types of trousers for boys: elasticated back trousers or flat front trousers. They also provide senior trousers for girls. Pencil skirts can also be purchased from Birds of Dereham.

Non-PE Hoodies/outside coats/outside clothing may only be worn outside the main Academy buildings (all outer garments must be plain-coloured and unadorned by badges or slogans)

Students must wear low-heeled, plain black shoes made from leather, synthetic leather or similarly robust material (fabric such as canvas is not permitted). Shoes with visible logos (including black and stitched logos) are not acceptable (i.e. Nike Swoosh and Adidas Three Stripes). Students may not wear trainers, plimsolls or boots. Socks must be plain black or grey.

Students are allowed to wear a maximum of one small stud in each ear and a watch. No other jewellery (such as rings and bracelets) is allowed and under no circumstances may students wear any facial jewellery (such as nose studs and tongue piercings). Clear retainers are not permitted as an alternative. All jewellery must be removed during PE lessons.  The use of tape to cover piercings is not permitted.

Visible tattoos (including henna tattoos) are strictly forbidden.

Extreme hair fashions, such as shapes or letters cut into the hair, extensions, unnaturally coloured dyed, bleached or beaded hair and totally or partially shaved heads are strictly forbidden.

Only clear nail varnish is acceptable and a discreet amount of make-up is allowed.

Uniform can be purchased through thh Birds Of Dereham website: Iceni Academy | Birds of Dereham 


We expect that all our pupils come school equipped for their learning, essential items for every school day are:

  • A pen, containing black or blue ink. Spare pen is also advised
  • A pencil, as all drawings and calculations are required to be in pencil. Spare pencil is also advised
  • Sharpener, Eraser, Ruler
  • Planner, as an essential method to communicate between school and home the planner must be brought to school each day.

For students entering Key Stage 4, they will be required to also bring:

  • A protractor and compass
  • A scientific calculator

Where required to do so, students may also be asked to bring items to school such as ingredients for Food Technology lessons, Sports kit for PE lessons, and research material for general lessons.

If you have any questions of issues regarding the provision of these above items, please get in contact with the school directly to discuss.