Policy Addenda

As we prepare for and implement the wider opening of our academies, we have prepared special addenda for our behaviour policy, our staff code of conduct and our home-academy agreement so that the expectations of learners, staff and parents are very clear.

We are also following amended and updated guidance from the government in regard to a wide variety of areas (including safeguarding and attendance monitoring), and this guidance (available on the gov.uk website) should therefore be read alongside our existing policies.

If you wish a policy to be translated into a different language please contact the Academy.

(Bulgarian) Ако желаете политика да бъдат преведени на друг език, моля свържете се с г-жа в Академията.

(Lithuanian) Jei norite politiką būtų išverstas į kitą kalbą, prašome susisiekti su ponia akademijoje.

(Polish) Jeśli chcesz politykę do tłumaczenia w innym języku, prosimy o kontakt z panią w Akademii.

(Portuguese) Se você deseja uma política a ser traduzido para um idioma diferente, por favor entre em contato com a Sra. na Academia.

(Spanish) Si desea una política que traducir a otro idioma, por favor póngase en contacto con la Sra. en la Academia.

(Turkish) Farklı bir dile çevrilmesi gereken bir politika istiyorsanız Akademisi’nde Bayan irtibata geçiniz.